• 1, blackberry phone covers are tailor made. Their moderate hardness maximizes the protection of your phone from crashing.

  • 2, Sanded surface provides a better abrasion resistance and good hand touch feeling.

  • 3, TPU material is imported from Germany, high tenacity strengthen the abilities of crash and shock proof.

  • 4, Dustproof surface, free fingerprint design for easy cleaning.

  • 5, Washable, always keeps the appearance as bright as new

Blackberry phone covers packing: blister packing

Color: black, grey, transparent, transparent blue, light pink.

Specifications: these mobile phone covers are made of German silicone, which is using the latest crystal transparent flexible plastic technology of processing and shaping a full compliance with environmental standards, outside coating applied latest technology with the superb production technology and professional design that makes the glue more dainty and exquisite.

Warm prompt: we can provide color standards and samples in accordance to your standards.