Use cover for Galaxy S3 and guard your mobile with top notch protection

Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most successful and hotly anticipated Android phones of all times. This phone has been ranked as the fastest phone on the planet. You must invest in a decent cover for Galaxy S3, once you own this gadget. Stylish and eye-catching covers provide top notch protection to your device against knocks and drops.

Best cover for Galaxy S3 are Armor series, Defender series, Commuter series and Reflex series, among others. Here's a brief description of each of the mobile case:

Armor series: Armor series cover for Galaxy S3 is waterproof and can keep your phone safe underwater for about 30 minutes. It is also one of the toughest cases ever built as it can endure through a 10ft concrete drop and sustains 2 tons of crushing force. You can enjoy full functionality of Galaxy S3 by installing this case cover. Armor cases are available in four shades for Galaxy S3, which includes neon, arctic, summit and titanium.

Defender Series: Defender series has been one of the most popular Samsung Galaxy S3 cases. It consists of the following features, screen protector, polycarbonate inner layer, silicone outer layer and belt clip holster. This phone cover has ability to withstand drops, bumps, shocks and is dust and debris resistant. This series allows you to build a custom designed cover for your Galaxy S3.

Commuter Series: Commuter Series is a sleek and sturdy two layered case for Galaxy S3. Your gadget is well protected in this case against various bumps and shocks. The self-adhesive screen protector protects your mobile screen from undergoing scratches. Commuter Series are sleek enough to slide into pockets. The colors available in this series are black, atomic, boom, night sky and crevasse.

Reflex Series

This two piece slider case is very easy to install and remove. This mobile cover consists of a screen protector and a polycarbonate outer layer. The air pockets installed at the corners of the case protect your phone against bumps and shocks. These air pockets absorb the harsh impact of shock and protect your device against any mishap.

Prefix Series

The durable silicone case protects your phone from bumps and shocks. Prefix Series is built with internal polycarbonate skeleton due to which this case has a solid structure. The screen protector of the series prevents your mobile screen from undergoing scratches. This mobile cover is available in carbon, spark and burst shade.

Clearly Protected

There are two types of phone cases available in this series – Vibrant and 360⁰. Both these types of covers have some unique feature installed in them. Vibrant cases are well known for its glossy finish, scratch resistance, self healing and high strength polyurethane, among others. Whereas, 360⁰ Galaxy S3 case has been designed for stand-alone use.

Shop for a Galaxy S3 mobile cover now and protect your device against various damages.