With Google's powerful android system, HTC smartphones have been red hot around the world in recent years. Android smartphones can be seen everywhere, subway, street bus… HTC, for its novel interface and operation system of friendly user experience which raise the number of fans. The appearance of the HTC phones, of course, is also extremely attractive; but, the types of optional shell are limited. Should you consider a new shell for your loved machine when it gets wore out and mottled?

So, adding an extra phone case gives you:

  • 1, A protection to the original factory package. To make it more durable, reduce direct abrasion, enhance a barrier, reduce the accidental collision damage of your loved phone.

  • 2, dust proof: cell phones are exposed to dust & dirt in its usable lifetime, such as small hair, tiny particles… etc.; especially, the external speakers and the shell gaps. This will deteriorate the mobile’s life, speakers’ sound quality and camera.

  • 3, Water proof: HTC phone cases can reduce the risk of water infiltration if your phone accidentally falls into the water, or gets wet from the rain. Otherwise, water may cause your phone burn or cut-out.

  • 4, Personalized appearance: HTC mobile phones original shell is limited, after all, many buyers are restricted "to have" only one color. You often “bump into” someone with the same phone case. This will not happen if you customize yours to become a unique HTC phone case.

Presently, hundreds of thousands of different kinds of protective HTC phone cases are offered in various kinds of material to personalize your cell in the most stylish design; and yet, providing it with the maximum protection.