OtterBox iphone case, iPad cases is custom designed for the iphone/iPad, the perfect combination between them: lightweight durable envelope, aligned in magnetic way, fit properly. It automatically wakes up the iphone and the iPad, or bring them into a dormant state. It can be easily adjusted to be a convenience frame for watching video or reading books. The microfiber lining keeps your iPad/iphone screen clean.

Thin, strong, Smart Cover can protect the screen, aluminum cloth enhanced the protection for the body of iphone/iPad.

Otter box iphone case/iPad cases perfectly keeps its original look and feel, at the same time, just add a layer of protection.

Aluminum shaft with a magnetic Smart Cover for iPad/iphone, a flawless combination. The hidden magnet can tightly hold the iPad/iphone.

Otter box iphone case and iPad cases can be adjusted for a appropriate level for the best view angle for FaceTime and watching movies.