LG cell phone covers, a concept product from South Korea with skilled workmanship in the concept of design and manufacture to keep its highest quality standards. A smooth phone cover with an elegant appearance that slides easily in and out of your pocket. Good flexibility, the silicone material makes an excellent hand feel.

Product features:

Crashing proof: imported silica gel material provides higher strength and more wear-resisting, cold resistant and aging resistant… etc. Protection and functional abilities are higher than any ordinary plastic and carbon fiber.

Excellent fitness: high toughness silica gel protective case material, light and compact airframe design gives your cell phone a more relevant and perfecting body protection.

More friendly to use: according to usage, LG cell phone covers can accurately and independently protect the commonly and uncommonly used buttons and camera.

Beautiful fashionable colors: fluorescent colors, using imported fluorescent pigments to create the transparent black, cream, sky blue, lemon yellow, apple green, red China, chocolate, cream powder and embalm garment purple. LG cell phone covers offer 9 kinds of fashionable and dazzling colors for your choice.