Know More About The Otterbox Commuter And Otterbox Armor Series

There are protective cases for phones and then there are the true protective cases, and one company that manufactures some of the best models, happens to be Otterbox. With their wide range of covers and cases, you can be quite sure that once you wrap your phone, tablet or reader in it, it will be safe from most of the major natural elements. Whether you choose a model from the Otterbox Armor series or Defender, Commuter or Reflex series, the one thing you can be sure of is that you are going something that offers value for your buck!

Each series has its own sets of benefits, and your choice will depend largely on factors such as which phone or tablet you are looking to protect and what your budget is. There are plenty of choices, when it comes to colors and designs as well, which means that you are sure to find something that will catch your fancy. If you are in the market for something that is truly sturdy, you really need to look at the Otterbox Armor series.

The entire Otterbox Armor series has been designed with a lot of care and concern, in addition to the several hours of research that went into perfecting it. The entire series is such that it can survive being dropped from about ten feet, stop the entrance of dust as well as debris and get through several tons of weight being dropped on it. However, the biggest plus point about the entire Armor series is the fact that it can keep your phone safe, for up to half an hour, while being under six feet of water!

Moving to the Otterbox Commuter series, there are several benefits to behold here too and this is perhaps why it has become so popular. Unlike many other phone cases, this series offers a double layer of protection, which ensures that the phone can survive bumps and bruises! When you buy a cover from this series, you will also get a screen protector, which has a self-adhesive. This screen cover will keep your phone safe from scratches, cuts and smudges, making cleaning a lot easier.

Whether you opt for the Commuter series or an Otterbox Armor, you will have a cover that will be easy to use and fit, something that will act as a fashion accessory, all the while protecting your phone.