Install Otterbox Defender and save your mobile from various mishaps

Over a period of time, mobile phones have become more expensive due to the technology used in it. Smartphone has become incredibly popular in the market today. Available with latest features and applications, these have made many things very convenient for its users. One can surf the net, read mails and do many more things from their mobile itself. Since, it provides so many facilities in a single device; its prices are also equally high. These phones are also very delicate and can break very easily if they slip from hand. If a mobile cover is installed to your device, then it can save your day, as most of the phone covers provide enough cushioning to your mobile, to endure it through a bump.

Phone covers come in different shapes and sizes and you can even customize your own cover. You can also use trendy phone covers as an accessory for your hand held device. Otterbox defender is one of the most popular case covers available in the market.

Otterbox Defender series are available for various brands, including Blackberry, Samsung, iPhone, HTC, Nokia, Motorola and LG. Defender is a three layered case, consisting of screen protector, polycarbonate inner layer and silicone outer layer. The built in screen protector, protects your mobile from incurring any scratches and smudges without affecting the sensitivity of your touch screen. The polycarbonate inner layer has cushioning foam, which gives enough grip and cushioning to your phone whenever it falls. The durable silicone outer layer of the case is built to absorb the impact of trauma, whenever the device falls. This three layered case is designed to withstand drops, bumps and shocks.

The port covers of the mobile case block dust and debris from entering your gadget. Defender cases come along with a holster style swiveling belt clip, which can be adjusted at any angle. The engineers of this product have used high quality material for making this case. The materials used in this case are polycarbonate shell, built in screen protector guards, outer slipcover wraps placed around interior shells, silicone and screen shield. Some of the Defender cases have rubber tabs installed in them which protect the mobile's volume controls, charging ports and headphone jack. Though this case provides added protection against drop, bump and shock, but it is not protective against water.

Get an Otterbox Defender case for your mobile now and save your device against shocks, dust and debris.