Otterbox enjoys the popularity of being the #1 phone case manufacturers in the U.S. with a huge clientele catering to the needs of users looking for protective covering for their phones. Their latest add-ons in Otterbox phone case line that consists of a range of sturdy and dust proof phone case. These cases can protect cell phones from water damage, dust, debris, and even scratches, which are among the most common things hampering the look and functioning of a cell phone in the long run. They have in the family the Armor series, which is correctly designated as the toughest phone case ever released. The phone covers from this company consist of not just few but many types, which users can choose depending upon their needs and of course, the handset they possess. Simply putting, “there is surely an Otterbox phone case for every smartphone of today.”

From the water resistant covers segment, they have the Armor series, which can easily withstand fall from even 10 feet height. The same has been tested to offer water proofing, even if the phone is dipped in water, which is 6 feet deep, for about 30 minutes. This can also offer protection from dust and debris and can be easily slipped in the list of dust proof phone case, as well. In addition, users can save their phones from a crushing force, which is not little but two tons. This one’s truly the better version of a smartphone case that would have ever been imagined, described as the toughest phone cover to ever release.

The dust proof phone case from the Otterbox family consists of the Commuter series and the Defender series. The former is a self-glue screen protector that can keep away not just the dust and debris, but even scratches, which worries phone users a lot. The 2-layered protection has been engineered to offer complete shield from bumps, drops, and shocks of any sort, making it correctly being designated as the best Otterbox phone case. The phone cover does not have any hindrance in the phone’s carrying capacity, which can easily slide in the user’s pocket. Defender series on the other hand, offers robust protection with a three layered design and it comes with a holster-style pivoting belt clip that makes it convenient to carry everywhere.

The Otterbox phone case range has something for every phone user, and has been designed keeping the smartphones of today in mind. From iPhone covers to iPad covers and cases for most known brands of phones that have brought a revolution in the phone industry, they have it all. From best waterproof covers to ones that can keep dust, debris at bay, users can find it all here. More from their arsenal consist of the Reflex series, Prefix series, and the Impact series, which are in every sense of the word, the phone protectors of the costly, delicate, sleek, and stylish smartphones of today.