Our cell phones, like our 24 hour companion, go with us anywhere we go. From the beach to the bike ride and even when travelling to explore new places, it follows you everywhere. Phones today have emerged as a slim, delicate companion, which you can easily slip in your pocket and carry it without any added liability. Having a protective case for something so important in our lives thus seems crucial. Currently, there are many phone covers available, which can easily protect your cell phone from the common damages, which can take its ravishing look away. Installing a waterproof phone case seems of utmost importance to protect and let your mobile phones shine as new for long.

Company that fits in ideally in this requirement of cell phone users is Otterbox. They have designed a wide range of protective case for phone after thorough research and while inculcating innovation. The products developed by them are manually tested, refined, and again tested to assure fool proof services. The series here is not just at par, but superior than most others. Phone users can easily find drop proof phone case, waterproof phone case and more with Otterbox.

Defender series is from the line of drop proof phone case, which offers tough, 3 layered protection to your cell phones helping it stay safe even with bumps, drops, and shocks. No scratches and no dust and debris, also you can easily attach your phone with your belt after adding this cover. The Commuter series is a new addition, which offers scratch proof, dust proof protection, while helping your phone slip in easily inside your pockets.

The Armor series is best if you are searching for a waterproof phone case, which has manually been tested after dipping the phone in more than 6 feet water for over 30 minutes. The drop resistance is amazing and you can anticipate no damage even when your phone falls from a height of 10 feet. When this cover is installed on your cell phones, you restrict entry of dust and debris and the crushing force your phone can withstand is of two tons. This protective case is not just a waterproof cover, but also a drop proof phone case, you have been looking for. Protection is something, which experts here do not take lightly and understand what a damaged cell phone can mean. The Armor just like an actual armor is a waterproof phone case that is toughest ever to be released till day.

Other members from the family of protective case from Otterbox include the Reflex series, Prefix series and the Impact series, which are all created with guard to offer your beloved cell phones, top notched protection always. The waterproof phone case from the company is one of the best things they have on-board. One can look at their website for more information about various mobile accessories offered by them.

So, add to your phone’s life, by installing a phone cover from Otterbox today.