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Outside shot of Otter Headquarters

Otter Headquarters complements surroundings and inspires creativity

This state of the art corporate headquarters was designed to inspire innovation and to help the Otter culture thrive. Created as an exciting and productive atmosphere for staff and visitors this headquarters building contains luxury offices and executive boardrooms, coffee bars on each floor, an interior slide, bike storage and maintenance room, massage room, a 400-gallon saltwater fish tank, over 150 built-in flat screen televisions and monitors throughout, interior brick walls, engineered wood walls, real wood cabinetry, special lighting throughout, interior and exterior fireplaces, open spaces and an outdoor BBQ/patio area on the third floor for company meetings and gatherings. Other unique design features include an interior sloped storefront system and interior office garage doors. Oh, and did we mention the slide?

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First Floor

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Lower Level

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Second Floor

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Third Floor

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Building Partners

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