Non-stop power & connection

Don't hang around, fast charge your way through the day.

Non-stop power & connection

OtterBox Power Accessories are engineered to charge and empower your day. OtterBox has been an innovator in mobile expertise for more than 25 years. You can rely on our experience to design and deliver intuitive, safe and reliable power solutions. Every cable, wall charger, wireless charger and beyond has been designed to work flawlessly with your favourite OtterBox cases and screen protectors.

How do I get Fast Charging

How do I get Fast Charging?

For optimum fast charging speeds, you will need a device that's compatible with USB PD fast charging, a fast charge USB-C cable and a fast charge ≥20w wall charger or car charger. Forget the days of charging your phone overnight, delaying leaving the house because you're waiting for your phone to charge and say goodbye to that red battery anxiety.

Be Unstoppable

fast charger

All our Fast Charge products are engineered using USB Power Delivery (USB PD) technology and they are easily identifiable so you can be assured your device will charge in a flash! You can recognise OtterBox fast charge power accessories in-store by the Fast Charge logo on packaging.

30 Minutes Charge Challenge

Standard Wall Charger vs. OtterBox Premium Chargers

We recommend consulting your mobile device manufacturer's website for their power requirements relating your specific device.

The OtterBox Power Range

Wall Chargers

Available in various outputs, including 20W, 30W, 50W, 65W and 100W, they work seamlessly with a variety of smartphone and tablet brands.

Mobile Charging Cables Mobile Charging Cables Mobile Charging Cables

Mobile Charging Cables

Durable and reliable power cables for Apple, Android & more

*Compared to a standard 5W charger. Results may differ per device.

Charging Accessories for Apple

Charging Accessories for Apple

Charging Accessories for Android

Charging Accessories for Android

What innovative technology does OtterBox use within its Power products?

Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology

Is a semiconductor that’s used as an alternative to silicon in high-power charging devices. GaN semiconductors are inherently more efficient than silicon because less energy is expended as heat during the charging process. GaN technology allows OtterBox to make more compact and high-powered products that can sustain higher temperatures and voltages.

USB Power Delivery (PD)

Has enhanced communication protocols that support your devices battery condition and fast role swapping, meaning it can identify and adjust if swapped between devices with varying power needs. USB PD is also much safer. Gadgets and chargers communicate with each other over the USB cable to confirm the optimal charging power level, mitigating the risk of your device over-heating.

Programmable Power Supply (PPS)

Is technology that allows OtterBox chargers to intelligently ‘fluctuate’ charging speeds based on what your device needs for smart power transfer. Combined with device-to-charger communication and voltage-control charging algorithms, the ideal voltage can be negotiated and even changed during charging. This makes USB-PD with PPS far better for your device's battery health, elongating its lifespan. This charging standard is relatively new technology, it has been rolling out with the launches of gadgets and charging accessories since roughly 2020. We recommend checking the charging specifications advised by your device manufacturer to help identify if your device supports fast charging technology.