Protection with style

OtterBox is laser-focused on protecting all of the tech that keeps your life on track, we also know our products need to look good. They need to be an extension of your personal brand. We’re all individuals. From the cut of our hair to the logos we wear, we define ourselves through the choices we make. OtterBox believes in expression, and we make it simple to sing your personal style with cases that are bold, revealing, singular and striking.

aneu and figura otterbox cases iphone

Style arbiter

Trend forecasting is an intricate view on what makes the fashion world tick now and next. Unfortunately, there is no single judge of what’s cool and what isn’t. The OtterBox CMF&G team is made up of talented graphic designers, color and material finish designers, industrial designers and illustrators. We rely on their expertise and collaborations to guide our product design and lead the way for today’s, and tomorrow’s, trends. Instead of gathering in a room and randomly making subjective color decisions or flipping coins to pick material winners, these experts do intensive research into styles and trends—fueled by data and analysis from the leading voices in trend forecasting, WGSN, Stylus and Pantone.

OtterBox commuter series in action

Fashion. Function. Performance.

Along with looking good, an OtterBox protective accessory must meet stringent demands for function and performance. A case has a job to do first—protect. Looking great is second. OtterBox engineers and industrial designer iterate designs to land on a refined product that balances the technical aspects of protection with prevailing style trends. Then we conduct extensive testing to understand how the product fits, feels and works with the device. We also analyze materials. How do they wear? How do hand oils and lotions affect it? Does the clear material stay clear? Careful exploration into how a product performs guides our final decision on whether it’s good enough for you.

OtterBox symmetry series black


We introduced Symmetry Series, a sleek, one-piece casein 2014. Its form has become our primary canvas for clear, color, design and graphic exploration. Fall 2022 brings the latest iteration of Symmetry Series. It’s slimmer than before and as protective as ever. A fine texture on the exterior delivers a soft feel. And we’ve incorporated acrylics material into our clear phone case material formulation to better resist oils, dirt and discoloration—Symmetry Series Clear stays clear.

Check out these phone cases to find the one that fits your style —

Symmetry Series

slim case, variety of colors, patterns and graphics

Symmetry Series+

slim phone case with magnet array for seamless MagSafe interaction

React Series

ultra-slim, clear phone case

OtterBox FRĒ Series

engineered by LifeProof slim, waterproof phone case, fun colors

Symmetry Series Leather Folio

leather folio covers the screen and holds cards or cash

And, for the iPhone enthusiasts we’ve collaborated with Apple to create some exclusive designs.

Lumen Series

slim phone case, clear with color highlight

Figura Series

slim phone case, flexible, soft-touch material with original art

Core Series

slim phone case, grippy feel, recycled material

Aneu Series

ultra-slim phone case highlights iPhone with grippy edges for a secure grip

OtterBox - iPhone cases


How we create, consume and communicate information is constantly evolving. And, as our lives navigate the ever-changing blend of the live and digital realms, OtterBox products continually evolve to meet both protection needs with style demands. It’s the perfect balance that keeps your mobile tech like new with a touch of self-expression. Picking is the hard part. But remember—there’s always room in the wardrobe for one more.