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The life history and future-forward of FRĒ

Into and under the water. Through the mud, muck and mayhem. Up and over the precipitous and snow-piled. From city streets to wherever the dusty two-track leads. Since its inception in 2008, FRĒ has stood tall through it all, bringing its up-for-anything attitude to the get-after-it pursuits that make unprotected devices think twice.

“In the beginning we were looking at how we could keep the case slim and sleek, with the bolstered ability to take the phone wherever,” says Weishin Sharp, Product Development Lead at LifeProof. “Whether that was mountains or beaches or on extreme adventures, FRĒ has always been about providing an action-proof design for action-packed lives.

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To make it so, Sharp and her LifeProof engineering peers faced a mighty task: take the generally water- and dirt- shy iPhone technology of the early 2000s and suit it up for anything and everything. Design mandatories included concepting, torture testing and producing a fully enclosed, tenacious case for gnarly terrain, burly elements, extended underwater activities, plus the usual drops and hard knocks that come with the territory.

And that’s where the proofs came out to strut. WaterProof, DropProof, DirtProof and SnowProof — when early iterations of FRĒ stormed onto the scene, the cases broke new ground by bringing all-encompassing protection into the fold.

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That 360-degree feat started with a barely perceptible screen cover to safeguard displays for peak pixel defense. Style also took a front seat, with tough but sleek, clean designs that allowed iPhone aesthetics to shine. Finally, form followed function with phones remaining fully operational inside FRĒ — from fingerprint scanner to the cameras that capture the moments that count.

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We spent so much intentional time engineering these cases,” Sharp continues. “And they were really influenced by LifeProof’s San Diego roots. We have the beach at our feet, so the ability to snap pics and shoot video underwater complemented our days on and in the water. Whether surfing at sunup or hitting the mountains for an evening trail run — with FRĒ our fragile tech had nothing to fear.”

Through the years FRĒ continually shifted gears alongside iPhone advancements.

iPhone 6 - case collection

For iPhone 6 it featured a streamlined racing stripe down the side for extra color pop and flare. And when iPhone 11 dropped, the device’s rounded edges called for a shapelier case design to match its curvaceous new look.

But some things stand the test of time. FRĒ, whether past, present or future, is all about delivering a fully balanced case: appealing to the eye, nimble in hand and one that gives phones a permission slip to step out of our pockets and into a whole world of fun.

iPhone 12 - case collection

These days, it’s also a case with a conscience.

“We’ve always been passionate about our oceans at LifeProof, and we know that sustainability is such an important issue that it makes absolute sense to implement eco-friendly materials into FRĒ,” Sharp says. “That’s why our latest iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 FRĒ cases are made from a high percentage of ocean-based recycled plastic. It really underscores our commitment to the planet.”

From the beginning and into the beyond, FRĒ’s restless spirit remains driven by its capacity to maintain its composure — no matter the places, situations or circumstances. Tough, modern, eco-conscious. Cop it, carry it, drop it. Nothing stops FRĒ.

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