All together now

All together now

Total mobile mentality drives everything we make

A satisfying dinner is just about the taste. The look, smell, and presentation all contribute to make the meal complete.The same is true of mobile accessories.

The proper pairing of cases, screens and power is essential for covering your device against any eventuality. This total mobile mentality drives everything we make, from our heritage Defender Series case to our latest MagSafe chargers. Let’s take a look at how we cook up compelling combos.

The quintessential case

Our reputation was built on building the best cases for phones and tablets, and we’ve been doing it for almost 25 years. In that time, we perfected protection.  

It began with Defender Series, a powerhouse case that saved countless devices from catastrophe. But we didn’t stop there. With each new phone generation, new series sprung onto the scene. Symmetry Series, Commuter Series, React Series — all unique in their characteristics, and all engineered to withstand abuse. 

drop plus - iphone cases
drop plus

In fact, every case is put through a battery of punishing tests in our stress lab. We drop, scuff, tumble, scorch, scratch and more until we know for sure it’s ready for real life. 

There’s even a rating system — DROP+. It starts with a baseline US military drop test — 26 hard hits from 4 feet. But we up the ante by running the test over and over and over again. For example, Defender Series Pro runs the gauntlet 4x (104 drops in total) before we greenlight it for production. That’s a high bar even for us, but Defender Series Pro was engineered to endure extremes. 

Screen saver banner

Screen saver

Our suite of sweet cases safeguards the body of your phone. But what about the screen? It’s hard to watch your favorite TV show with a web of cracks in the display. To complement our cases, we got into the glass game with a lineup of resilient screen protectors. 

Amplify glass - iPhone screen protectors

Let’s start with the our premier case — Amplify Glass. To pull off this powerhouse, we partnered with Corning, the inventors of Gorilla Glass, to develop a screen protector that weathers extreme abuse.

 We’re talking 5x more scratch resistant than soda lime glass, a common type used in lesser screen protectors. No matter which glass you go with, they all work seamlessly with our cases. Every choice is a winner.

Alpha Glass - iPhone screen protector

The next up is Alpha Glass, which is fortified and tempered for added anti-shatter and enhanced clarity. 

alpha flex - iPhone screen protectors

An offshoot of Alpha Glass is Alpha Flex, a glass alternative that also stands up against shattering while being flexible to fit curved screens.

trusted glass - iPhone screen protectors

Finishing up is our starter series — Trusted Glass. It’s specially formulated to fight off scratches, shun finger smudges and resist shattering. 

It's electric

Crazy drops and cracked displays can devastate a device, but a dead battery spells doom in its own insidious way. When the juice runs dry, your phone’s a paperweight. 

To keep you away from low-power mode, we’ve designed a complete set of power accessories that keeps your device ready to go. At home, plug into classic wall chargers or modern MagSafe charging stands. On the go, connect to wired

and wireless power banks. In your ride, power up with a traditional car charger or MagSafe mount fitted to the windshield or vent. And however you charge, whatever the connection type, our premium cables deliver peak performance for the long haul. 

And just as our screen protectors work perfectly with our cases, the power portfolio pairs up with our cases too. MagSafe melds with MagSafe. Lightning cables feed through charging ports. And Qi wireless works magically with your case on. It’s mobile harmony at its finest that keeps you protected and connected.