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What Makes the Best Screen Protector, An Interview with Leading Glass Experts

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Have you ever wondered how screen protectors work? How does an additional layer of glass prevent what is underneath it from cracking? We partnered with the experts at Corning to give the scoop on what makes screen covers necessary for device protection.

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How does a screen protector work?

A screen protector helps shelter the underlying device glass screen from damage including scratching and breakage, sometimes by acting as a ‘sacrificial’ layer. It may also increase the resale value of a device by shielding it from damage.

There are several types of screen solutions. What are the differences between them?

  • Soda-lime: Soda-lime glasses are the current leading screen cover solution and are commonly used to make glass products such as windows and drinkware. They have limitations to how much they can be ‘tempered’ or ‘strengthened.’
  • Aluminosilicate: Aluminosilicate glasses are a more advanced glass type which enables a higher degree of damage resistance – but not all aluminosilicates are equal and vary by tempering.
  • Plastic: Plastics have also been used as a screen cover material, but this is a soft material that scratches easily and does not offer the same level of protection as glass products.

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What is a tempered glass screen protector?

“Tempering” is a process that can enhance the performance of a glass screen guard. The simplest description is that the glass is placed in a bath of molten salt, which adds a layer of ‘compression’ (think of it as ‘armor’) on the outside surfaces and edges of the glass. Not all tempered glass will have the same level of ‘armor’, so it is important to pick a glass type and tempering process that maximizes performance.

What is the best screen protector?

The ideal screen cover will combine an easy application experience (simple, bubble-free), great aesthetics, good durability of the screen guard itself, and of course good protection of the underlying screen glass. Using products (both glass and cases) from reputable companies such as Corning and OtterBox help ensure that these attributes can be simultaneously achieved.

When should someone replace a screen protector?

This comes down to personal preference. Generally, covers are replaced when they interfere with normal device usage or present the user with a displeasing tactile or visual aesthetic experience such as cracks or scratches.

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Are screen protectors necessary?

It’s all personal preference! While display cover glasses are very durable (thanks in large part to new generations of Corning® Gorilla® Glass), there are plenty of reasons to invest in an iPhone or Samsung screen protector. A few reasons include:

  1. A flawless screen increases the resale value of a device.
  2. Potentially avoid costly repairs due to severe events, like drops on asphalt.
  3. For peace of mind to ensure you are never separated from your device!

Who makes the best screen protector?

We are clearly biased when answering this question! Amplify from OtterBox, designed and engineered by Corning, is a terrific option that is made from proprietary Corning glass (aluminosilicate) with a proprietary ion-exchange (aka ‘tempering’) process to deliver a screen guard that provides superior cell phone screen protection. Amplify is also engineered to last a long time based on normal everyday use, and to scratch less than all other products on the market. And Amplify is also backed by the OtterBox limited lifetime warranty and hassle-free customer service so if you have any issues, like breaking your screen cover when accidentally dropping your phone on concrete, you can get an Amplify replacement for as long as you own your device!

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